AAS Vidyalaya ‘up-grades’ with class 9th and 10th to offer holistic secondary education to the masses

Mumbai, 11th October 2018; Owing to the overwhelming demand from students and parents for complete secondary schooling and coaching on the app, AAS Vidyalaya launches Grade 9 and 10, today. Anytime Anywhere School- AAS Vidyalaya is an app based education system, bringing an entire school to your Smartphone. AAS is India’s only app providing free education, by bringing entire secondary schooling on the phone from grade 6th to 10th. Through this app, children get access to regular lectures on each subject covered under the CBSE curriculum. The Social School operates exactly like a regular school with a dedicated class-teacher, timetables, subject periods and regular assessments.

If India needs to change its educational landscape, and get those 8.4 crore children (as per census data) who do not attend school to be educated, then digital is the only key to change. India currently has a smartphone user base of over 300 million which is expected to cross 650 million by 2019. Harnessing this power of smartphone penetration, AAS Vidyalaya is a virtual school – a mobile app, built for millions of students who cannot go to school and also for students who cannot afford expensive coaching as an extension to school.

A freely available study tool as well as an entire educational system, AAS operates as a Freemium Model, wherein one can attend a subject class per day for free, and pay only when one needs access to all classes and subjects altogether. A monthly payment of Rs.499 gives complete access to the entire curriculum of that grade. This model enables the company to provide free education to millions of students, who aspire to be educated, thereby working parallel to the government’s initiatives towards digital education.

While the education system largely concentrates on making technology better for the ‘studying’ masses through advancements like smart class, A/V sessions, e-learning, etc. AAS Vidyalaya is dedicated towards catering to the latent need of the masses, thereby educating those who lack the access and availability of education. Targeted towards the middle and the lower-middle class, the app has the potential to scale and reach these 85 million children who cannot, but wish to attend school. AAS also works as an aid for those who attend school but cannot afford high tuition and coaching fees, as the students can view classroom videos on repeat mode for revisions, now the students can access the entire syllabus anytime anywhere which can help them in preparing for exams and need not spend thousands on tuitions.

“Class 10 is a very critical grade for the Indian populace as this is a minimum qualification required to get any government job” says Vikas Kakwani, CEO of AAS Vidyalaya.

Currently, the application has reached to 25000 students, adding 400-500 students per day to its user base. Reaching to the remotest corner of the country the application has already touched 1800+ small town and villages, proving to be a product for masses and revolutionalizing the way people think about education in this country. With grade 9 and 10 being launched, AAS Vidyalaya is all set to transform the lives of students, with its anywhere, anytime trait.

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