Mobilock pro launches mobile device management for ios devices

ProMobi Technologies today announced that its Mobile Device Management Solution, MobiLock Pro, now supports management of iOS devices, app, and content from a unified dashboard.

MobiLock MDM for iOS offers management features such as creating Device Profiles to enforce policies and Groups to organize devices, iOS Application Distribution both from Apple iTunes Store and Enterprise Store, Blacklist/Whitelist Apps, Single App Mode, Wi-Fi Configuration, Location Tracking and support for Apple Device Enrollment Program.

With these features already proven and widely used, MobiLock MDM platform offers a seamless, modern mobile device management and application management experience for enterprise iOS devices.

“Apple and specifically iOS devices have a sizeable market share in Enterprise space, and we always wanted to add iOS Device Management alongside MobiLock Pro for Android. We are happy to introduce MobiLock Pro for iOS and love the way it has shaped up. We would like to call it a Simplified Endpoint Management, which not only unifies management of both Android and iOS devices but does that in a most efficient and clutter-free way. Now that we have a headstart and made it easy to manage iOS devices, we are concentrating on adding the features that will cover all the enterprise use cases,” said SriramKakarala, VP – Mobility of ProMobi Technologies.

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